Yu Gong Moved the Mountains 

There is a Chinese story of an old man named Yu Gong who moved the mountains. 

A very long time ago, there was an old man named Yu Gong who lived in front of two high mountains. One was called Tai Hang Mountain and the other Wang Wu Mountain. It was hard for Yu Gong and his family to travel because of the mountains.  One day, despite being old, Yu Gong proposed to his family that they should make an effort to move these mountains. Yu Gong’s family agreed, and they gradually began digging away at the mountains and transporting the material to the sea. One day Yu Gong’s neighbor, Zhi Sou, who was much respected for his wisdom laughed at Yu Gong and said, “You’re so old and weak that you can’t even take away the grass and trees. How can you move the high mountains?” Yu Gong replied, “You are not even as clever as a child. Even if I am dead, there will still be my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren, my great, great grandchildren and so on. They will go on forever, but these mountains will not grow taller. We shall move them one day!” Seeing the old man so confident, Zhi Sou was speechless. Yu Gong and his family continued to work day and night to move parts of the mountain away. Moved by Yu Gong’s tenacious spirit, the Emperor of Heaven ordered the two mountains to be moved away. Yu Gong’s dream came true!

The Idiom “Yu Gong Moved the Mountains” has the same meaning as the phrase “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Xia Chunting

Chairman of Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group

Renaissance Man:

Artist, Designer, Writer & Poet

Patriot Who Loves His Country

Weihai is Mr. Xia’s Hometown

This is a perfect story to introduce Chairman Xia Chunting, Chairman and founder of Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group.  His unwavering vision, many personal and professional sacrifices and tenacity in the face of adversity, constant challenges, skepticism from his family, his staff and the public and even escaping death in a mudslide mirrors Yu Gong’s experience.

Xia Chunting was born in January 1955 in a small village of Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province. Since his childhood, he has been curious, creative and had an earnest interest in nature, literature and the arts.  He has also continued to have profound feelings for Longshan Mountain. Having witnessed the mountain deteriorate over time from unmitigated mining exploitation—once a profusion of natural beauty to total devastation—he was determined to restore the mountain, hills and forests. One day, when he had the abiity to do so, Longshan Mountain would be a lush, green mountain with clean water.

When Mr. Xia was 30 years old, together with his wife, he spent their last 48 RMB (approx. $15) on setting up a modest cement pipe factory in the small courtyard of their home.  After much work and realizing some success, he transitioned to construction machinery in 1994. In 2003, he was finally ready and took up restoring the abandoned mine pits and quarries on Longshan mountain.  He was grateful for the many successes he had achieved and wanted to be an example for others by showing how we all can contribute our talents and resources to protect the environment. He was going to lead the effort, with his own money and resources. 

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General Secretary Xi Jinping visits Weihai Scenic Area

Xi Jinping is focused on fighting pollution and enacting environmental protections for China. He supports quality cultural tourism attractions.

Toward the evening of June 12, 2018 General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the Huaxia Scenic Area.  Along the beautiful scenery of Huaxia City Walk, General Secretary Xi Jinping and Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group Chairman Xia Chunting enjoyed a cordial conversation.  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed that a good ecological environment is an important basis for sustained and healthy economic and social development, and that it is necessary to put the construction of ecological civilization in a prominent position, put the concept of “clear water and lush mountains are priceless assets” in his mind, implement it into action, and coordinate the management of landscape, forest, field, lake and grass system, so as to keep the motherland green and beautiful.

“Clear water and lush mountains are priceless treasure!

Clear water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver!” – Xi Jinping