The original intention of the decision to construct Weihai Sea World was to enrich the cultural life of urban residents and increase tourism.  Even though Weihai is a coastal city, for many years it did not have an aquarium.  Mr. Xia felt that it was important for residents and tourists alike to learn about and appreciate Weihai’s relationship and history with the sea and to appreciate ocean and sea life.  Weihai Sea World would create “the wonders of the sea on the mountain, and the sea would decorate the mountain.”

Mr. Xia and Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group commited significant financial and company resources to the project and Weihai Sea World officially opened to the public In 2014.

Sea World has created a combination of exhibits and experiences celebrating marine culture and fisheries culture including: Fish World, Old Fishing Village, Fishing Village Culture, Mediterranean Style Old Street, Steam Age, Sea Tour, Fantastic Sea Show, Deep Sea Exploration, Polar Scenery and Happy Sea Theater among others. In addition to the thousands of rare marine sea life, the use of multimedia, sound, lighting, video and effects achieve the integration of virtual and real experiences. 

Weihai Sea World has the nation’s leading technology.  With marine life viewing, participation, experiences, science and education all in one location, it shows the unique charm of Sea World.  On the basis of displaying all kinds of marine life, Sea World takes the marine culture and fishery culture as its theme.  From the perspective of Jiaodong, restores the life scene and customs of Jiaodong’s fishermen, and displays it’s unique fishery culture.

Weihai Sea World currently is home to the largest spherical screen in China, which shows the dynamic cinema ” Journey to Sea and Air. “  It leads visitors to a comprehensive understanding of the undersea world by displaying a variety of beautiful scenery from different perspectives and integrating more scenic spots throughout the country, which also gives full play to its role in education and scientific research.  It focuses on the breeding of aquatic wildlife, and the sustainable development of the museum’s organisms.  Sea World Park is committed to enable visitors to receive marine science knowledge in the course of sightseeing while at the same time inspiring them to care for marine life.  At the same time, all kinds of popular science exploration activities about marine life and wetland ecology are held among the primary and middle school students, so that they can establish the concept of loving nature, protecting the sea and protecting the ecology since their childhood.

There are currently 21 penguins in Weihai Sea Word. At the end of 2016, Weihai Sea World successfully bred the first baby penguin, which made a breakthrough in penguin reproduction in Weihai region, and created the first “Papua Penguin” breeding program in Weihai.

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