Step by step

Under the leadership of Xia Chunting, the Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group has transformed a former industrial site full of mines and quarries, abandoned equipment, waste gravel and mining dust that was a hazard to health, safety and the environment, into a thriving, successful and scenic ecosystem.

The Longshan Mountain

The first step was to survey the mountain, quarries and mines to determine the extent of the damage and identify any potential hazards and dangers. A careful study of the existing topography was necessary to determine how to shape the property—much like a sculptor surveying a block of marble.

The Master Plan

The second step was to create a masterplan for the entire Longshan area.  This master plan would include all of the planned project components, attractions, support facilities, site access, infrastructure requirements, project phasing, etc.

Afforestation of Huaxia Scenic Area

Reforming the Land

The third step was to begin the lengthy process of transporting rocks and soil, grading, excavating, filling and compacting earth throughout the various quarry pits and mines to shape the scenic spots according to the topography of the mountain and the master plan.

From the Ground Up

The fourth step was to begin construction of all the various infrastructure such as roads, bridges, sewer and water pipes, reservoirs, electrical and other utilities.  After these were substantially completed, work then began on all of the primary buildings and facilities throughout the site.

Lake with flowers and trees

Bringing Back the Nature

The fifth step was to begin the afforestation process, landscaping, sitescaping, water feature design and implementation, as well as introducing native flora and fauna. This included over 200 species of trees and numerous types of bushes, shrubs and flowers that would serve as an ideal habitat for wildlife.