A three-sided golden statue of Nanhai Kwan-yin, also known as Guanyin Bodhisattva (Goddess of Mercy).  

The statue is composed of Guanyin main body, lotus petals and the four dragon kings.  With the melodious Sanskrit, the mist is filled, and the lotus petals slowly bloom in the magnificent Buddhist music.  The three-faced Guanyin slowly rises from the petals, and the fountain changes with the rhythm of the music to form various water types, which are integrated into the modern high-tech raising of the statue. 

The rotating technology combines sculpture, fountain, lotus opening and the dynamic landscape of Guanyin, and uses high technology to show the mystery of ancient Buddhist culture.

The three-sided Guanyin of Xiansheng is composed of Ruyi Guanyin, Linyin Guanyin and Yangliuzhi Guanyin. The construction of Guanyin was costly.  It lasted for three years and was carefully cast from pure copper and weighs 71 metric tons.