One Tree at a time

Tree sapling
  • Led by Xia Chunting, employees of the Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group were paid to plant all of the trees as a way to earn additional money, bring benefits to the entire community and help the environment.
  • A total of 11.38M trees have been planted thus far.
  • The work is ongoing and planting trees will never stop as long as Xia Chunting is leading the company.
  • There are more than 200 main tree species included as part of the afforestation effort.
  • Tree species include cedar, black pine, locust, and alder among many others since they are easy to grow and well adapted to the local climate and environment. 
  • The landscape is beautiful in all four seasons: beautiful flowers in the spring; trees full of many different kinds of fruit in the summer; foliage turning color in the fall; and trees covered in snow in the winter.
  • Please see additional ecological benefits of the afforestation efforts in the RESULTS section of the website.