Weihai Huaxia Scenic Spot: Moving mountains

Weihai Huaxia Scenic Spot grew from one man’s determination and love of conservation and culture

by Martin Palicki

Article originally published October 17, 2019 in InPark Magazine

The Legend of the Gods nighttime show combines live performers, music, artistry and special effects to tell stories of local Chinese culture.

Every summer night in the mountainsides of Weihai, a dragon floats across the sky, a giant waving Buddha rises up out of the rocks and a torrential flood of water cascades over jagged cliffs. On certain nights, it all happens twice.

All are moments from the “Legend of the Gods” show – the centerpiece of the Weihai Huaxia Scenic Spot, and representative of the culmination of 16 years of ecological transformation and cultural conservation.

In the beginning, there were mountains

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