Weihai huaxia scenic spot is the national 5A scenic spot

Huaxia wenwen travel group, urban cultural tourism complex “manufacturing expert”

On February 23, the city of weihai huaxia city, which was created by huaxia group, has been promoted to be one of the 11 5a-level scenic spots in shandong province. Once when, the scenery beautiful, green tourism scenic area, or a deserted abandoned quarry, under the guidance of huaxia culture tour group chairman Xia Chunting, group after more than ten years of ecological restoration, fill the pit, afforestation, relying on the original characteristics of the mountain to planning and comprehensive building, gives the land a second life, make it become a “back garden” and renowned at home and abroad for all the citizens of weihai in shandong province of one of the leading scenic spots.

But for the Chinese people, the creation of 5A is not the purpose, but the new starting point of huaxia travel group. Plant a plane tree, attract golden phoenix. Now, China brigade group has accumulated rich cultural tourism industry development, investment, operation experience, build cultural tourism, tourism performing arts, investment and operation management, tourism theme park tourist resorts, catering hotel, tourism product development, hosting operations such as the whole chain of cultural tourism industry cluster, formed a “theme park + tourism performing arts” unique cultural tourism business model. In building domestic cultural tourism complex projects at the same time, the Chinese text brigade group, actively implement the strategy of going out in xi ‘an, xiamen, such as the national famous tourism city layout, investment to build urban complex cultural tourism projects, the characteristic of “theme park + series acting legend” cultural tourism business model to reproduce, cultural tourism brand in shandong province become the only successful model of output, and China’s unique innovative culture tourism brand new forces.

A problem by the chairman of the board Xia Chunting writers, general planning, the general director of tourism performing arts “fugue legend” show, and has since begun by the popularity of tourists at home and abroad, the acting more version upgrade continuously in recent years, audio-visual effect is more striking, considerable rising sex. Relying on the abundant scenic fo

rms make management experience and a number of entertainment patent technology, the Chinese text brigade group has invested to build complete two large cities in weihai in shandong province, fujian xiamen complex cultural tourism projects, in early June 2017, investment of 2.8 billion yuan of xi ‘an city cultural tourism complex project will officially open to the public.

The “metamorphosis” of the quarry to the 5A scenic spot

Today’s weihai China city, the east is considerable in the sea, and the west can browse the longshan, in the meantime, the ancient color architectural beauty and ecological environment, presents is a scene of beautiful mountains and rivers beautiful, is a rare classical and modern combination of nature and harmony of science and technology culture tourist resort.

No one could have thought of the beautiful city of huaxia, which was just a scene of devastation. At that time, due to long-term exploitation, the mountain was exposed to the mountains, the slag heaps, the vegetation, the river dry lake, the ecological conditions were extremely harsh. To protect ecological resources, improve the ecological environment, the Chinese text brigade group began in 2003 lasted for more than ten years of afforestation, dam up wait for a variety of ecological restoration engineering, has spent more than 130 vehicles for transporting earth 5692.67 cubic, repair 44 in the coal mine, building size reservoir 35, 11.27 million planted trees, accumulative total investment of 4.43 billion yuan, will the whole ‘injury, the vastness of the restoration of lush green mountains, flowers doo-yan good ecology.

Through the design planning, city scenic spot with the follow to develop culture into Chinese, to show Oriental classical culture as the main carrier, to inheriting Chinese culture, the original one thousand weihai features for the purpose of the Chinese culture in five thousand, cultural atmosphere and architectural form, experience activities, performing arts through the fusion of real between lingshan xiushui cleverly illustrates the concept of “Chinese culture has a long history in five thousand”, make the natural landscape and human landscape to achieve highly harmonious and unified.

With the uniqueness of location, the integration of architectural style, the artfulness of the layout style and the profound nature of the cultural heritage have been well received by experts and tourists both at home and abroad, and have become the leader of the industry.

In May 2010, the first edition of the “shenhua huaxia” performance of the first edition of the scenic spot of huaxia city was successfully premiered, which won high praise from the audience. National large tourism performing arts of in the face of increasingly fierce market competition and word of mouth, in 2016, chairman Xia Chunting choreography of the fugue huaxia show, performing arts version increased from 1.0 to 1.0, is a new “fugue legend” show more shock stage effect and narrative logic clearer fugue legend live show, the entire performance using only independent research and development of more than 30 patents, the performance content and mechanical equipment stage to achieve the better fusion.

pgraded version of the show, “fugue legend” prelude and chapter six is, as the content is divided into divine huaxia, ancestral tribes, phoenix nirvana, the eight immortals of electing, prosperous time amorous feelings, descendants of the dragon, god bless China, acting time series more clear, logical narration more smoothly. In the third act of the eighth fairy, the story of the dragon king of the east China sea, the story of the eighth fairy, focuses on the culture of jiaodong folk custom.

After creating the national 4A scenic spot, huaxia city scenic area has turned its focus to shen chuang national 5A scenic spot. In perfecting the scenic spot, on the basis of supporting facilities, the Chinese city scenic area, yu have developed the valley of the king’s palace and into the future war museum, cultural and weihai fugue sea world and so on, the scenic spot into either exploration, discovery, experience five thousand years of Chinese civilization, also can see and feel the infinite charm of Chinese traditional art of tourist destination. Scenic spot hire 5 create an experienced team of experts, from tourism, transportation, sightseeing, tourist safety, hygiene, post and telegram services, a tourist shopping, resources and environmental protection, comprehensive management and resource attraction and market influence, item by item, rectification, a full upgrade, promote scenic reception ability and service level, improve market visibility and influence of scenic spots, to create a national 5 a grade scenic spot has laid a solid foundation. After painstaking efforts, the scenic spot of weihai huaxia city in 2017 has finally been promoted to the national 5A tourist scenic spot.

The “huaxia wenwen travel mode” has swept across the national market and achieved cross-regional replication

In 2017, the annual Chinese New Year holiday in xiamen, fujian province, is a year of Chinese New Year, with 684 thousand visitors, up 126% year on year. At present, xiamen scenic old yard has passed the certification of national 4 a level scenic spots, “minnan legend” show in 2016, a total of 812 performances, average daily close to three games, together with the old courtyard scenic area, a total of 2.3 million person-times of tourists.

Fujian xiamen city complex cultural tourism projects by the Chinese tour group to invest 1.3 billion yuan to build, contains old yard area as well as two main body, xiamen huaxia culture tour grand theatre full view shows the characteristic of minnan region culture, the interpretation of the maritime silk route years vicissitudes of life and profound humanistic feelings, is a comprehensive display of minnan culture, a window, also is a bridge of minnan culture to the world.

Huaxia culture tour grand theatre “minnan legend” all-weather performance in the show, the entire performance is divided into six ACTS: day sagishima, adventure island city war, nanyang, fishing village people, descendants of the dragon, bliss huaxia. Blend in minnan characteristic performance, the folk customs, folk wind, folk music and cultural history, using high-tech display technique combined with the latest international tourism performing arts play, make the world indoor ring first stage of real walk and run the rotation of the wheel the audience, the stage of 28 engineering new technology patents, the performance degree of shock as world-class high-end entertainment show.

Old courtyard garden scenic area, folk culture through the south fujian fishermen’s unusual life scenes, people talk about nanyang generations of life, entrepreneurial experience, set ornamental, experience, culture as a whole, from various angles from minnan local fishing village culture, folk culture, mazu culture, nanyang culture and the cultural roots tracing ancestors.

In October 2016, an announcement from xian city land bureau’s website to shaanxi tourism does it one brace up, huaxia group of xi ‘an cultural tourism performing arts co., LTD in action Ba commercial land biome declare formally approved, will be used in the development of xi ‘an city complex cultural tourism projects, project plans to invest 2.8 billion yuan, the future is expected to become the “gold card” of leisure tourism in shaanxi province, China tourism industry new heights.

Chinese “culture and tourism” mode of replication, not blindly, difference in weihai, in the coastal city of xiamen, xian is the northwest inland areas of an ancient cultural city with a long history, according to the xi ‘an region, culture, history, characteristics, and shaanxi tourism market large Marine and aquatic recreational, theme park project market blank, Chinese tour group aiming at this requirement, Mosaic building in xi ‘an “camel legend” show indoor performing arts theater, the ancestral tribe culture, ocean kingdom, huaxia Chinese characteristic such as land and water park project.

“Camel legend” show indoor performing arts theater, theatre for a big ellipsoid shape building, the central building a mobile audience, can forward, backward, turn, stand using a patent for invention or utility model patent break through more than 20, to ensure the performance of an replication and performance.

China sea kingdom, including a whale museum, an aquarium and a 5 d cinema children indoor playground, this is xi ‘an first large ocean kingdom, can greatly satisfy the xi ‘an and the surrounding inland city tourist curiosity and exploration of Marine culture, in the dream participation experience, fun.

Cathaysian land and water park, relying on shaanxi thick cultural history background, ecology, Marine, cave dwelling culture creative fusion, project funnel dynamic mechanical amusement, and Marine life, watch, popular science, animal performance, a variety of experiences, such as theme commercial building cave characteristic landscape, creative cave experience and interaction between the folk custom function, at the same time set aquatic amusement functions such as parent-child interaction, adventure recruit, is jointly create fantasy amusement castle for adults and children.

The entry into the national tourism market, such as xiamen and xi ‘an, is an important strategic deployment made by huaxia travel group after professional and thorough analysis and demonstration. Today, the creation of the huaxia culture tour group has a professional team, a strong lineup, the performance of rich experience and extensive contacts and deep operation experience, and employ more than the national well-known screenwriter, director, composer experts involved in the team or as artistic adviser, industry experience. Have excellent professional marketing team, has many years of market development and maintenance of actual combat experience, several marketing centers and offices in both strong marketing advantage for the company’s brand promotion and tourism organization provides a strong protection.

Based on the whole country, amazing world. Huaxia cultural tourism group is with professional level, the formidable strength, unremitting efforts, and sincerely service, create the national cultural tourism industry benchmarking, writing part for the development of cultural tourism industry.