Focus on the whole city! The birth of the first baby penguin in 100 years!

On December 3, weihai shenzhan ocean world came to the news, a penguin mother gave birth to a male baby, mother-child peace! This is the first successful breeding penguin in the sea world of weihai sea world, and the first baby penguin ever born in weihai city! 
We are delighted to add a lovely companion to the family of the sea world.

In 2012, the penguin, a penguin, was listed as the “world conservation union” (IUCN) 2012 red list of endangered species, ver3.1 — near danger (NT). Breeding of this rare species is not easy and is limited by various aspects such as climatic conditions, feeding management and population optimization. Over the years, weihai fugue sea world to breeding gentoo penguins, do a lot of efforts, including the improvement of feeding food, living environment, optimization, and so on, this just had many years waiting for the result.

In the penguin colony, if two penguins are identified as mates, they remain the same for life, namely monogamy in the animal kingdom. If one spouse died, survival is no longer to find a new spouse, so international Antarctic treaty provisions, visitors need to take a penguin for whatever purpose, must be taken in pairs, or by the legacy of the penguin will daily, call until he breathed his last. We face the chaos of the world every day, but we do not know, in the world of the sea, a pair of penguins perform the pure love of pure land. Now their love is born!

The penguins breed around in November, if successful fertilization, lay chicks around the end of December – January, after 1 – march by parents rearing chicks, till the end of the summer, mom and dad will take turns on eggs until the babies hatched. In addition, obesity causes during childbirth, so the penguin hemp during pregnancy, the breeder except occasionally, to add some fruit, not separate “perfect great fill soup” to it, this is also the important reason for the little penguin was born to!

Now the baby penguin has been successfully born, wishing it a healthy and happy life in the sea world.