Congratulations to the President of huaxia travel group on the national tourism system individual worker model

On December 12, the ministry of human resources and social security and the national tourism administration held a joint recognition event at the great hall of the people in Beijing.

Xia zhenxiang, President of huaxia travel group, won the national tourism system individual worker model.

national tourism system individual worker model
national tourism system individual worker model

On December 12, the ministry of human resources and social security, the national tourism administration in recognition event held in Beijing great hall of the people together, to the national tourism system in five years advanced collective honor, model workers and advanced workers. Li jinlong, director of the national tourism administration, attended the event and spoke to Yang chunguang, deputy director of the ministry of human resources and social security.

Li jinlong said that the units and individuals honored are the advanced representatives of tourism departments at all levels of the national tourism system, more than 100,000 tourism enterprises and institutions, and more than 28 million direct practitioners. The recognition activities cover a wide range of areas, involving various elements of the tourism industry and management departments, with a high proportion of the first line. Although everyone from different units, different nature of work and personal experience, but there is a common feature, is at an ordinary post, conscientious, willing to pay, has made the remarkable contribution, widely recognised.

Li jinlong pointed out that the Chinese tourism began to start in 1979. Although we started late, but under the strong leadership of the CPC central committee and the state council, the local party committee, the government’s attention, after several generations of tourism people’s hard work, we develop quickly, a short span of 30 years, from scratch, since the childhood, realized from the tourist DuanQueXing countries to the historic leap of tourism country, tourism strategy system, fully integrated into the country to the forefront of the national economy construction, become a national economic strategic pillar industry. At present, China’s tourism industry is approaching the age of mass tourism, and the party central committee and the state council attach great importance to tourism and high hopes. As a contemporary tourist, we should strengthen our three confidence, namely, industry confidence, career confidence and industry confidence. Industry confidence originates from the tourism industry as the huge driving force and unlimited development potential of the comprehensive industry; The confidence of the cause originates from the high expectations of the party central committee, the state council and the people’s expectations. Industry confidence is the result of our continuous growth, vigorous and promising industry teams.

Li jinlong stressed that the 13th five-year plan is the decisive stage of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and also a strategic opportunity period and a golden development period for promoting the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry and improving the quality and efficiency of tourism. The 13th five-year plan of tourism is included in the state council’s special plan for the first time, which marks the full integration of tourism into the national economic and social development. We would like to request in accordance with the instruction of the general secretary of xi, carries forward the spirit nail, take targeted measures, one thing after another, catch a into a, build for victory, promoting the development of China’s tourism industry to a new level. First, learn advanced and carry forward the work spirit; Second, expand innovation and add new drivers of tourism. Third, improve the quality and make the tourists more satisfied; Fourth, strengthen security and optimize the environment for talent development.

It is reported, approved by the state council, the ministry of human resources and social security, the national tourism administration organization once every five years, the national tourism system advanced collectives, model workers and advanced workers “selection for work. According to the selection work arrangement, May 10, 2016, human resources and social security ministry, the national tourism administration jointly issued by the affairs of the 2016 national tourism system advanced collectives, model workers and advanced workers notice the selection for work. The provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) (committee) and the xinjiang production and construction corps tourism bureau attaches great importance to in selection work, and set up corresponding organizations actively, insist on the principle of fairness, justice and open, take the bottom-up, step by step to recommend, balance the selection, preferred way to democracy, strictly carry out “three” public “program, careful arrangement, carry out in an all-round way. After a preliminary examination and review audit twice, three times in this unit, provincial and national public announcements, on November 25, human resources and social security ministry, the national tourism administration jointly issued on the recognition of the national tourism system advanced collectives, the decision of the model workers and advanced workers “, decided to award the Beijing China world hotel and so on 81 units, the national tourism system advanced collective “honorary title; The honorary title of “national tourism system worker model” was awarded to the 95 comrades of the national tourism system. He was awarded the honorary title of “advanced worker of the national tourism system”.

At the recognition event, the leaders of the two departments will give awards to the representatives of the recognized people; Gong haihua, huang yulin, liu yijing and other three advanced collective, labor model and advanced workers representative of typical speech.

The ceremony was presided over by du jiang, deputy director of the national tourism administration. Wei hongtao, deputy director of the national tourism administration, and xue hong, director of the assessment and reward division of the ministry of human resources and social security, attended the event.
Advanced collective representatives, model workers and advanced workers recognized; Relevant provincial (district, city) tourism commission, bureau chief and provincial (district, city) tourism committee, bureau, xinjiang production and construction corps tourism bureau responsible for the evaluation of the work of the office responsible for the comrades; Representative from the national tourism administration; More than 600 students from tourism colleges and universities participated in the recognition event.

Source: China travel news: shen zhongliang

On the recognition of the national tourism system advanced collective Labour model and the decision of advanced workers

The department of human resources social security (bureau) of the provincial, autonomous region, municipality and xinjiang production and construction corps, tourism commission, bureau:

In recent years, the national tourism system from personnel of course of study under the correct leadership of the CPC central committee and the state council, fully implement the party’s 18 large and 18 sixth plenary session of 3, 4, 5, spirit, with deng xiaoping theory and “three represents” important thought and the scientific outlook on development as guidance, in-depth study and implement general secretary xi series of important speech spirit, firmly establish a “innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing” five development philosophy, hard work, dedication, forge ahead, bold innovation, made a positive contribution to the development of tourism, emerge a batch of advanced collectives and individuals.
For recognition of advanced, carry forward the vital qi, to arouse the staff enthusiasm and creativity of the tourism system, human resources and social security ministry, national tourism administration decision, awarded the China world hotel in Beijing 81 units, such as the honorary title of “national advanced collective” tourism system; The honorary title of “national tourism system worker model” was awarded to the 95 comrades of the national tourism system. He was awarded the honorary title of “advanced worker of the national tourism system”. It is awarded to “national tourism system model worker” and “national tourism system advanced worker” honorary title, to enjoy the provincial level of labor model and advanced worker treatment. We hope to be recognized for the advanced collective and individual to cherish the honor, modest and prudent, guard against arrogance, and play a role model lead role in their respective positions, and reestablish new work.
National tourism system of all departments and the vast number of cadres and workers to the recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals for example, more closely unite around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, responsible for, overcome difficult, forge ahead, the foothold official duty, the service general situation, to promote sustained rapid and healthy development of the tourism industry to arouse pulling power of the tourism consumption to economic growth, rural tourism should be utilized to from poverty and becoming rich of driving force, improve beauty show in China, the construction of the world tourism power to make new contributions.

National tourism administration of human resources social security

November 25, 2016

National tourism system advanced collective labor model and the list of advanced workers

1. Advanced collective list of national tourism system (81 total)

The Beijing municipal
China hotel
China railway travel agency
Utour Group Co., Ltd.
Jixian tourism bureau
Tianjin xiqing district tourist bureau
In hebei province
Chengde prosperity cultural industry investment co. LTD
Qinhuangdao beidaihe district tourism bureau
Kailuan national mine park management center
Laishui county sanpo scenic area management committee
Shanxi Province
Yungang tourism district management committee
Inner Mongolia autonomous region
Manzhouli port tourism co., LTD
Liaoning province
Anshan qianshan scenic area management committee zhengmen management service center
Fushun city tourism industry development committee
Fengcheng big pear tree ecological agriculture sightseeing tourist area
Jinzhou tourism development committee development office
Jilin province
Changbai mountain travel co. LTD
Changchun culture international travel service co. LTD
Heilongjiang province
Qiqihar tourism bureau planning finance and Marketing Department
Tourism commerce and modern service industry development bureau in the city of saltu, daqing
Heihe tourism bureau market development branch
Mohe county tourism area management committee
Guyi garden, Shanghai
Shanghai chenshan botanical garden Marketing Department
Jiangsu province
Nanjing xuanwu lake management office
Jiangsu shui xiang zhouzhuang tourism co. LTD
Jiangyan jiangyan, jiangsu province, tourism and resort management committee
Wuxi tourism monitoring team
Zhejiang province
Tonglu county tourism commission
Wuzhen tourism co. LTD
Shaoxing lu xun’s hometown management office
In anhui province
Hefei tourism bureau
The management committee of the eight li river tourism area in yingxian county, anhui province
Jinzhai county tourism commission
Fujian province
Yongtai county tourism bureau
Longyan gutian tourism group co. LTD
Jiangxi province
Rao city tourism development committee
Jilin qingyuan district tourism development committee
The original mountain national forest park
Shandong taizi zhuang ancient city tour group co. LTD
Sishui county tourism bureau
Henan province
Lin zhou red flag canal scenic tourism service co. LTD
Lankao jiao yulu memorial park management office
Sanmenxia swan lake national urban wetland park management office
Kaifeng zhongzhou international hotel co. LTD
Hubei province
Shiyan city tourism bureau
Shennongjia region tourism comprehensive law enforcement bureau chibi city tourism bureau
Hunan province
Village of 18 cave, shuanglong town, hua yuan county (tourist demonstration village)
Hunan panlong investment group co. LTD
Guangdong province,
Shenzhen huilong tourism co., LTD. Zhuhai changlong investment and development co., LTD., yangjiang city, hailing island travel co., LTD
Guangxi zhuang autonomous region
Guangxi zhuang autonomous region tourism quality supervision and management office
Liuzhou tourism development committee
Hainan province,
Sanya tourism development committee qionghai tourism development committee
Chongqing overseas travel (travel agency) group co. LTD
Chongqing wulong karst tourism (group) co. LTD
Sichuan tourism information center zhu DE house management bureau
Dujiangyan qingchengshan – dujiangyan scenic area administration
The guizhou province
Red water tourism development co. LTD
Guizhou baili cuckoo management district tourism administration
Guizhou huangguoshu tourism group co. LTD
Diqing state tourism group co., LTD
Tengchong tourism development bureau
Yunnan province self-driving and rv camping association
Tibet autonomous region
Linzhi city tourism bureau’s day tutu county tourist bureau
Shaanxi province
Shaanxi zhao jin cultural tourism investment development co. LTD
Shaanxi tourism group yan ‘an cultural tourism industry investment co. LTD
Gansu province
Dunhuang municipal tourism bureau
Qinghai province
Qinghai tea card salt lake culture tourism development co. LTD
Qilian county tourism bureau
Tourist bureau of guyuan city, ningxia hui autonomous region
Zhongwei tengli jinsha tourism resort co. LTD
Xinjiang uygur autonomous region
Xinjiang tianchi management committee McGatti county tourism bureau
Xinjiang production and construction corps
Xinjiang production and construction corps 10th division tourism bureau

2. National tourism system labor model list (95)

The Beijing municipal
Team leader and tour guide of the international travel agency (Beijing) co., LTD
Sun yin-steel Beijing beichen industrial co., LTD. Beijing wuzhou hotel vice manager
Wang yanpeng, Beijing xinwoda Marine science and technology co., LTD
She yuling (female) general manager of Beijing GUI shui family agricultural development co. LTD
Niu baohong Beijing xicheng district travel advisory shichahai station travel consultant
Liu zhanli, party secretary and chairman of tianjin binhai aircraft carrier tourism group co., LTD
Zhang xiaolong travel international travel agency co., LTD. Tianjin, the operation department manager, employee supervisor
In hebei province
Sun haiyan (female) dingzhou haiyan international travel service co. LTD. General manager
Shanxi Province
Lu zengjun shan xixi area tourism development co., LTD. Chairman
Inner Mongolia autonomous region
Jade mei (female, Mongolian nationality) new left flag Cuo post ranch barr tiger, general manager of the Mongolian tribes
Wei yuanyuan (female) baotou city homology travel agency co. LTD
Liaoning province
Wang xinyao (female) shenyang youth international travel service co. LTD
Banquet and meeting manager of jiangjing (female) dalian shangri-la hotel co. LTD
Zhu yudong benxi water cave scenic spot administration bureau director
The director of the management committee of longfengshan tourism scenic area in the left wing of the Mongolian autonomous prefecture of wang xu
Jilin province
Sun wu-jianji province longwan group national forest park workers
Ji guodong yanbian kanghui international travel agency co. LTD. Deputy general manager
Heilongjiang province
General manager wei minfang (female) Harbin volga manor culture travel co. LTD
Cui zhiyong sanguan scenic spot management department manager
The cow has been the sales ticket office of the fenghuang mountain forest tourism co., LTD
General manager of Shanghai ctrip international travel agency LTD
Training director of Shanghai air travel travel service co. LTD
Pan weihua Shanghai wildlife park development co. LTD. Chief economist
Qian kairong (female) Shanghai jinjiang travel co. LTD. Europe manager
Jiangsu province
Hu xuzhou (female) xuzhou kaiyuan mingdu hotel co., LTD. Senior banquet services division
Wang yi qun, suzhou wuzhong district, dongshan town tourism development co., LTD
Manager of the food and beverage department of nanyuan hotel in jingjiang city
Fan jianhua nantong Wolf mountain tourism management co. LTD. Green group leader
Zhejiang province
Chen mian Lin kaiyuan travel group co., LTD. Chairman
Jiang cheng-chen ningbo guide service co., LTD. Tour guide
Wu zhilong, zhejiang hengdian film and TV co., LTD. Marketing branch marketing division manager
Xie li (female) zhoushan city putuo mountain, limited company tour operator
Wang dandan (female), zhejiang taiyun international travel agency co., LTD
In anhui province
Li Juan (female) huaibei newspaper star international travel service co. LTD
Lu shao-yu anhui jiuhuashan tourism development co., LTD
Hu xiaochun huangshan scenic area management committee garden bureau welcome the loose people
Ye hongmin huining county, haiyang town luang yuan village party branch secretary
Fujian province
Wang chuntong (female) xiamen jinmin center hotel catering sales manager
She ying (female) zhangpu tianfu sightseeing tea garden co. LTD. Deputy general manager
Huang yulin, deputy director of the China travel agency administration center
Jiangxi province
Zhang bo jiujiang China travel service co., LTD. Guide manager
Shi guoping nanchang xi xia landscape tourism management industry co., LTD. Chairman
Jiang ping jiangxi province longhushan tourism culture development (group) co. LTD. Deputy general manager
Yang chengzheng shandong yulong aviation international travel agency co. LTD. Tour guide department manager
Xia zhenxiang huaxia culture tourism group co., LTD. President
Li haifeng, chairman of shandong kunhe tourism development co., LTD
Luo yihai water margin tourism development co., LTD
Henan province
Han bin jiaozuo city friendship travel agency co. LTD
Gao yongin jiaozuo yuntai mountain tourism development co. LTD. Deputy general manager
Wang ya (female) henan zhenshan tourism industrial development group co., LTD. Marketing manager
Gao Dan (female) luoyang longmen travel group tang feng explanation services co. LTD
Hubei province
Liu peichang international travel service co., LTD
Tan guiying (female) tourism development co., LTD
Hunan province
Fan yaping (female) hengyang chuang hotel management co., LTD
Shu meihua (female) huaihua southwest hotel food and beverage department supervisor
Tian huilin hunan zhangjiajie tianmenshan tourism co., LTD. Deputy general manager
Tian quan friends (tujia) phoenix ancient city cultural tourism investment co., LTD., boat, tuojiang river, water duty fire brigade captain
Guangdong province,
Liang zhiguang guangzhou travel international travel agency co. LTD
Zhao chuanjian (hui nationality) manager of enterprise development of shenzhen world
Han xianglin guangdong huang manzhai tourism co. LTD. Manager
Guangxi zhuang autonomous region
The President of the guide association of guilin
Gao Lin (female) deputy director of guangxi planning museum, commentator
Party branch secretary of shixiang friendship development group co., LTD
Hainan province,
Sun Lin hainan haijing paradise international co., LTD
Liao leaf hong (female) office director of chongqing olan hotel co. LTD
Shen wei chongqing music and music tourism co. LTD. Animal manager
Zheng libing (female) leader of chongqing changjiang international tourism company, tour guide
General manager of tiandan emei century sunshine hotel co. LTD
Meng jun xian, chengdu tianfu sunshine hotel co., LTD. Chief engineer
Deng wei (Tibetan), aba culture tourism development co., LTD. Manager of technology department
Nie yu rong (female) sichuan jinding international travel service co. LTD. Branch manager
CAI xuexia (female) longchang county three ancient travel management co., LTD. Group leader
The guizhou province
Ma yan (female, manchu) guizhou province China youth travel agency co. LTD
Kingdom spring (miao nationality) danzhai-china spring silver jewelry co., LTD. Cultural heritage inheritors
Du jun (female) guizhou hotel management co., LTD
Director of luwen kunming guide association
Hou ling (female), yunnan shufu county tourism development co., LTD. Department manager
Zou youyun (female) jinghong city man listens to the park limited liability company lancang river – Mekong river dance fire party ticket director
Tibet autonomous region
Guide to the Tibetan holy tour guide service center
Shaanxi province
Shaw is full of shaanxi taibai mountain road management co., LTD
Zhao snow (female) xi ‘an qujiang cultural tourism co., LTD
Wang yongchao is the President of the folk art museum in guanzhong
Liu xiaonan (female) director of shaanxi overseas travel limited liability company
Gansu province
Wang tong (female), gansu jiahe cultural tourism development co., LTD
Duan yuying (female, Tibetan) zhangye jinyuan electric power international travel agency co. LTD
Zhao shuyue (female) lanzhou military district first guest house (northwest hotel) food and beverage manager
Qinghai province
La haiqing (hui) qinghai tiandi cultural tourism development co., LTD. Chairman
Shi donghua (female), mutuo county, tuen nationality naton culture tourism development co., LTD. Chairman
Ningxia hui autonomous region
Wang guozhang (hui nationality) wu zhongcheng Chen yuan tan Yellow River ecological park co. LTD. General manager
Li guosheng ningxia China international travel service co., LTD
Xinjiang uygur autonomous region
Zheng sui, general manager of xinjiang international travel service co. LTD
The general manager of the xinjiang turmarisi hotel (limited), xinjiang turkistan (female, Uighur)
Xinjiang production and construction corps
Zhao xiaowei (female) executive general manager of the xinjiang illitt hotel co. LTD
China national travel group co. LTD
Li bin China national brigade (jiangsu) international travel service co., LTD
China youth travel holdings limited
Yuan hao, director and vice President of the company
Iii. List of advanced workers of the national tourism system (total 45)
The Beijing municipal
Ma boyang, director of industry management department of Beijing tourism development commission
Liu mei (female) tianjin heping district culture and tourism management section chief
In hebei province
Guo zhongxing (manchu) luanping county jinshanling Great Wall management office director
Shanxi Province
Wang fenggang xinzhou yanmenguan scenic area management center director
Inner Mongolia autonomous region
Jia yubing Hohhot tourism bureau quality management section chief
Du xiaoyun (female) director of tourism bureau of wuyuan county, liaoning province
The secretary of the tourism association secretariat of tieling
Bi zhiming panjin tourism development committee industry development section chief
Jilin province
Jiang guangyong (yao nationality) jilin tourism bureau publicity and promotion department deputy director
Wang fushan, deputy director of the tender jiangwan wetland protection and development management office
Heilongjiang province
Qu zhe Harbin city tourism information service center director
Fu junchao (female, manchu) yichun tourism training center director
Liu yijing (female), deputy secretary and director of the party committee of the huangpu district tourism bureau of Shanghai municipality
Zhang zhong Shanghai baoshan gu village park management co. LTD. General manager
Jiangsu province
Wang fen (female) lianyungang city tourism party secretary, director
Xiao xii yangzhou is the deputy secretary of the west lake scenic area management office
Zhejiang province
Zhang haiying (female), ningbo city tourism quality supervision and management complaints to hear the chief of science
Liu is deputy director of the tourism commission of songyang county
In anhui province
Wang ran anhui provincial tourism bureau director of personnel education
Shi haiyan (female)
Fujian province
Wen xiumei (female), secretary of the party committee of nanping, fujian province
Chen jiandong xianyou county tourism bureau director
Wei yu-e (female) secretary of the party group of laiwu city tourism bureau, director
Chen junfeng binzhou city tourism bureau party secretary, director
Henan province
Zhang yibing is a tourism promotion director of henan provincial tourism bureau
Hubei province
Duhongxing yichang city tourism comprehensive law enforcement sub-division leader
Hunan province
Liu hui (yao nationality) is the party secretary and director of the party group of the film and television press and publication bureau
Guangdong province,
Zeng qing-xiang (female) member of the 9th grade memorial hall of the east river column of boluo county
Yu xiaojie (female) chaozhou guangji bridge cultural relics management director
Guangxi zhuang autonomous region
Wei LAN yue (female, zhuang nationality), nanning city tourism development committee supervision and management section chief
Hainan province,
Wu changfang is the director of industry management of hainan tourism development commission
Lai ziye (female) sanya city tourism quality supervision bureau deputy section chief
Zhou dewing, director of the finance department of chongqing tourism administration
The director of the southern bamboo sea museum of shu nanzhu, the scenic area of zhuhai, yibin city
The secretary and director of the party group of the cultural and sports broadcasting bureau of nanxi district, luzhou city
The guizhou province
Xu zhisong guiyang tourism industry development committee industrial development director
Li ying (yi) lufeng county, deputy director of the tourism bureau
Li mingping, director of the tourism development bureau of the yi nationality dai autonomous prefecture
Tibet autonomous region
Abbian (Tibetan) county tourism bureau chief
Shaanxi province
Yang mingquan hanzhong city cultural relics tourism bureau party secretary, director
Gansu province
Yang zhifeng jingchuan county tourism bureau chief, LAN yongping wushan county tourism bureau chief
Qinghai province
Xie haocheng (hui nationality) door source hui autonomous county party secretary, director
Ningxia hui autonomous region
Guo jianxiang ningxia hui autonomous region tourism development committee office director
Xinjiang uygur autonomous region
Zhang yinhe and the deputy secretary and director of the party committee of the bayinbrook scenic area management committee in jingxian county